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2018-19 SEASON

A Musical Journey to Nueva Espana
An Early Carol Singalong
An Angelic Twelfth Night
A German Renaissance Roadshow
The Canterbury Tales: A Pilgrimage in Song

2017-18 SEASON

         Palestrina: Master of All
         An Early Carol Singalong
         An International Twelfth Night
         Field of the Cloth of Gold Madrigal Dinner
         Welcome to All Pleasures!

2016-17 Season

The Greatest Hits of 1525
A German Christmas
March at the Muckenthaler
4th Annual Early Music Singalong
Jephte and Beyond

2015-16 Season

Harmony from Conflict: Music at the Time of the Reformation
Buon Natale: The Befana is Back!
Jouyssance Brings Iberia to Orange County
Celebrate Father's Day with Early Music

2014-15 Season

Mostly Monteverdi
An Iberian Twelfth Night
The Song of Songs: Music from the Garden of Love